AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! and AMEN! again

I feel zero sympathy for A-Fraud, but Joe Sheehan’s body slam of the Used Car Salesman, who’s reportedly prepared to ban the Yankees third sacker for life under the “best interests of baseball” clause, is SOLID FUCKING GOLD. It is ludicrous that Bud Selig would find himself about to invoke XII.B against anyone. In the […]

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Tonight’s reading assignment

Terrific column by’s Howard Bryant — so good he almost makes up for Rick Reilly — on this year’s Hall of Fame balloting. Much to recommend here, particularly this excerpt: [B]ecause of the steroid era, the baseball writers are going to guess who deserves enshrinement based on who had big muscles or who had […]

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Not all cheaters the same

I don’t believe Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens deserve enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. Cheaters shouldn’t prosper. But it’s unfair to lump them together. No question Bonds makes it to Cooperstown without ‘roids. The case for Clemens is much less definitive. In 1993, a 30-year-old Clemens posted a 4.46 ERA with a 1.263 WHIP. He was […]

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Lance Armstrong, minus the good deeds

Roger Clemens’ denial is contagious. In a Los Angeles Times story, The Rocket’s lawyers vehemently defended his client (shocking, I know). “For them to say, ‘He’s not getting into the Hall of Fame because I know he did it’?” co-counsel Michael Attanasio said ( “I think that’s shameful.” And … “I would think that if a baseball […]

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Baseball vs. itself

Like all of you, I have no idea whether Ryan Braun used roids or any other performance boosting drug. What I know is it’s unfortunate that Major League Baseball is effectively trying to taint one of its mosts marketable superstars. MLB must have its reasons for reacting so harshly to Braun’s exoneration. Bud’s underlings apparently believe […]

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Tuffy Rhodes is more deserving

In a recent interview with Chicago Magazine, Sammy Sosa commented on the fact that the Cubs have not retired his No. 21 jersey. “That number should be untouchable because of the things that I did for that organization,” Sosa said. “That right there shows me that they don’t care about me, and they don’t want to have […]

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The All-Fraud Team

Featuring a combination of cheaters and superior talents who never panned out.  I didn’t include Bonds or A-Rod because they would’ve been great with or without ‘roids. Clemens is a tough call. 1B: (tie) Rafael Palmiero, Mark McGwire DH: David Ortiz 2B: Bret Boone SS: Benji Gil 3B: Chris Brown OF: Luis Gonzalez OF: Sammy […]

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Mark McGwire flirts with the truth

From a 1999 “Simpsons” episode, featuring a cameo by McGwire: SCENE: A MLB satellite has crashed into Springfield, arousing suspicion. McGwire arrives to change the subject. MCGWIRE: Do you want to hear the terrible truth, or would you like to watch me hit a few dingers? CROWD: Dingers! How’s that for prescience?

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