The many faces of Paul Byrd

Morbid prediction: Paul Byrd joins Chip and Joe in the broadcast booth next year.


PED defenders refuse to acknowledge the obvious

Dan Szymborski of FanGraphs wrote this today: After all, we keep getting data and still, as a group, players that have been caught using PEDs have not outperformed their projections as a group in any time frame before being caught nor underperformed as a group in any time frame after being caught. That may be... Continue Reading →

For those who believe Hank Aaron cheated, or Barry Bonds didn’t Not as annoying to Mr. Duroino: Bonds' cheating, if in fact he did cheat, which, according to Ben and his acolytes, isn't established fact. Besides, he claims, Hank cheated, too. I've heard of angel dust, too. What's your point? With all of the facts in hand, it becomes impossible to compare amphetamine use... Continue Reading →

An antidote to sympathetic reportage of Roger Cheater’s ‘comeback’

Any credibility the Astros and Royals organizations had -- and I'm not sure they had any -- vanished Saturday night when they dispatched scouts to watch a 50-year-old cheater pitch to the likes of Joey Gathright and guys who will never be half as good as Chris Woodward. Likewise, any scribe who doesn't treat Clemens'... Continue Reading →

Baseball vs. itself

Like all of you, I have no idea whether Ryan Braun used roids or any other performance boosting drug. What I know is it's unfortunate that Major League Baseball is effectively trying to taint one of its mosts marketable superstars. MLB must have its reasons for reacting so harshly to Braun's exoneration. Bud's underlings apparently believe... Continue Reading →

Mark McGwire flirts with the truth

From a 1999 "Simpsons" episode, featuring a cameo by McGwire: SCENE: A MLB satellite has crashed into Springfield, arousing suspicion. McGwire arrives to change the subject. MCGWIRE: Do you want to hear the terrible truth, or would you like to watch me hit a few dingers? CROWD: Dingers! How's that for prescience?

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