Mel Jr., Uggla, Markakis, Cahill = 1/2 of #Braves payroll

The foolish spending continues; Braves will apparently pay Trevor Cahill, 3-12 with a 5.61 ERA and a 1.608 WHIP last season, $5.5 mil this year. Add that to the $11 million Nick Markakis will receive in 2015, the first of a four-year deal, and the $27.5 million due Melvin and Uggla and you end up... Continue Reading →


What a difference 10 years make

In 2003, the Braves' $106 million payroll was the third-highest in baseball, behind only the Yankees and Mets. In 2013, they ranked 16th, with $89 million committed to player salaries. In 2014, the Royals and D'backs appear primed to have higher payrolls. I hate to be keep being a wet blanket, but those who think the... Continue Reading →

Braves more profitable in 2013, yet payroll stays the same

According to to Liberty Media's quarterly filing with the SEC (h/t Willie Montanez), the Braves reported revenues of $251 million for FY 2013 (through 9/30) with a operating income -- the difference between operating revenues and operating expenses -- of $52 million. That's an increase of $21 million from the same period in 2012, when the team... Continue Reading →

Braves soon to be a small market club, thanks to Time Warner

You've probably heard about those new regional TV contracts that have allowed teams like the Rangers and Angels to spend big this offseason. That got me optimistic, since the Braves, more than most, are truly a regional team.But the Bravos won't be able to take advantage of that enhanced revenue stream for 20-plus years, thanks... Continue Reading →

If the Braves are going to add, they’ll have to subtract

According to MLBTradeRumors, raises for arbitration-eligible players Jair Jurrjens, Martin Prado, Eric O'Flaherty, Michael Bourn and Peter Moylan will add up to roughly $21 million against next year's payroll. Combine that with their other contractual agreements and you get around $88 million, not including minimum salary players. So you're pretty much at this year's $91... Continue Reading →

Storm clouds, and a stupid quote from Fredi

Fredi commenting on Proctor post-game: "And you feel really comfortable with Scotty Proctor in that situation to handle those guys." As for Proctor's replacement, don't count Kris Medlen anytime soon: Medlen suffers a second setback in elbow surgery recovery Speaking of injuries: Jones considering skipping All-Star game to address right knee And don't count on... Continue Reading →

Ellsbury just became more available

The Red Sox are about to acquire Adrian Gonzalez for a package of prospects. Jacoby Ellsbury is still with the Sox -- for now.  Buster Olney sez Boston has enough payroll flexibility to afford either Crawford or Werth. If they add one of those All-Stars, Ellsbury appears the odd man out. I'm assuming Theo Epstein will try to swap him for prospects, having depleted his farm... Continue Reading →

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