Murph just made my day

Tyler Flowers w/ worst game defensively by a #Braves catcher since @DaleMurphy3 (sorry Murph) — RowlandsOffice (@RowlandsOffice) April 3, 2017 ...@RowlandsOffice with all due respect... I had much, much worse — Dale Murphy (@DaleMurphy3) April 3, 2017 I couldn't resist a follow-up, asking Number 3 if he ever had the pleasure of catching Knucksie. ...@RowlandsOffice... Continue Reading →


Murph talks teammates, Bobby and brawls

Buster Olney's interview with Dale Murphy is well worth your time. Number 3 discusses the night Tom Glavine was ordered to throw at him, his displeasure upon learning Gary Matthews had been traded to the Phils and the famous brawl with the Padres.

Happy birthday, Murph

Happy 57th, Murph! (that ain't right). Glad to see No. 3 taking a more active role in the organization, one that will continue in 2013. The Braves will celebrate one of their all-time greats on July 11 with Dale Murphy Night. The first 20,000 fans attending the Braves-Reds game will  receive a Murph bobblehead.  

NY Times makes the case for Murph

Nice piece by baseball scribe Tyler Kepner on Murph's last chance to be voted into Cooperstown before going to the veteran's committee. The story points out a couple interesting factors not often considered in HOF debates, including this: The ballot lists integrity, sportsmanship and character among the factors for voters to consider. Chad Murphy says... Continue Reading →

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