Dale Murphy Night, 6/4/91

Dare you not to shed a tear as Murph trots onto the field in a Phillies uni to the accompaniment of “Auld Lang Syne” on the organ. Or during Number 3’s humble speech. With Ernie Sr. as the MC — no one, save perhaps for Pearl Sandow, loved the Braves more.

Murph’s Babe Ruth impression, 30 years ago today

(via the NYT) Dale Murphy, the Atlanta Braves outfielder, may not be William Bendix, but he has apparently borrowed a page from the Babe Ruth legend. The way they’re telling it in Atlanta, Murphy paid a call at a local hospital a while back to help cheer up Elizabeth Smith, a 6-year-old girl who had…

Happy birthday, Murph

Happy 57th, Murph! (that ain’t right). Glad to see No. 3 taking a more active role in the organization, one that will continue in 2013. The Braves will celebrate one of their all-time greats on July 11 with Dale Murphy Night. The first 20,000 fans attending the Braves-Reds game will  receive a Murph bobblehead.  

NY Times makes the case for Murph

Nice piece by baseball scribe Tyler Kepner on Murph’s last chance to be voted into Cooperstown before going to the veteran’s committee. The story points out a couple interesting factors not often considered in HOF debates, including this: The ballot lists integrity, sportsmanship and character among the factors for voters to consider. Chad Murphy says…

The best of Murph

No. 3 has opened up his own website which includes a cool video retrospective. Enjoy.

Murph picks up vote for HOF (but it should’ve gone to McGriff)

SI’s Jon Heyman posted his HOF ballot today, saying he’s changed his mind on Murph: ” A clean homer hitter who twice won the NL MVP award and was an iconic player for a while. A converted catcher, he turned himself into a Gold Glove defender in centerfield. He also brought a lot of honor…

Separated at birth?

Great find by Stats on the Back. Anyone ever spot Murph and Bruce Bochte in the same room?