Appreciating John Schuerholz

I wasn’t thrilled when I heard the John Schuerholz was hired as GM. Yes, he had a World Series title on his resume but the Royals descended into mediocrity after their ’85 championship, thanks to some questionable trades by Schuerholz. You’ve heard of the David Cone for Ed Hearn swap, one of the 10 worst […]

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Presidential propaganda

John Schuerholz has a message for the fans. Too bad he didn’t consult an editor. “Our primary goal this winter was to travel on parallel pathways — immediately impacting the strength and depth of our Minor League system, while at the same time keeping our Major League club as competitive as we possibly could, even […]

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Cooperstown 2014

I had been a little unclear as to who was eligible when so thanks to DOB for clearing it up. Not only will Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine surely be first-ballot inductees that July day at Cooperstown, but going in alongside the pair of 300-game winners could be their former Braves manager Bobby Cox. And […]

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