Remembering the last time #Hawks played Washington in the playoffs

This time, the Hawks are slight favorites. Thirty six years ago, Atlanta pushed the defending NBA champions, led by Elvin Hayes and Bob Dandridge, to the brink in a classic seven-game series. It should not have taken the Bullets so long to realize that their tormentors, ballyhooed as the mechanical creation of that raging martinet,... Continue Reading →


Bullseye, Rory Sparrow!

John Sterling is worse than you think. (For those too young to remember Sterling's stints as a Braves announcer and voice of the Hawks, consider yourself lucky.)

My adventures with Rankin Smith, and other tales of Atlanta’s other sports teams

(A mostly Falcons flashback, with a Hawks cameo) In Atlanta the 1980 Falcons were football's version of the '91 Braves. Not quite the same, because the NFL schedule can't compete with the daily drama of a pennant race. And then there's the recognition factor. Everyone knew the Lemmer and Smoltzie and TP. How many knew... Continue Reading →

A pro sports town

Fuck college sports. Boring (save for the NCAA tourney). Bank on it -- the Hawks, Braves and Falcons will all make the playoffs this year. And if you haven't watched the Hawks lately, you're missing out. Tonight's win over Orlando (yech!) was inspired.

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