42 years ago tonight


Two stats that prove The Hammer is the greatest

Bad Henry would have passed 3,000 hits even if he had never hit a home run. Give any of the all-time greats -- Ruth, Mays, Ted Williams, Musial, Bonds -- an extra 180 home runs and they still wouldn't have more total bases than Aaron. No one was more consistent. Hank batted .303 with a .936... Continue Reading →

Bravos at 40

Happy birthday to Chipper, one of the few players to reach his 40th while playing for the Braves. We'll be happy if he matches the Hammer's output at 40: .268-20-69 in 112 games, with a .341 OBP and .491 slugging percentage. The year before Aaron homered 40 times with a 1.045 OPS. Julio Franco was... Continue Reading →

Courting Hank

Great piece by Howard Bryant on the role of professional sports in a changing Atlanta: When the Braves began preparations to move south, cultivating Henry Aaron was a key. C. Miles Smith, president of the local NAACP, met with Henry, asking him to soften his rhetoric about not wanting to return to the South. Whitney... Continue Reading →

Hank on Heyward

The legendary Atlanta Braves slugger told The Associated Press Tuesday that Heyward, who is black, "can mean an awful lot to what ails baseball." Aaron says there are too few African-American players in the game. He also says there is a growing excitement about Heyward in Atlanta's black community.

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