More proof that Americans have lousy taste

The overnight ratings are in, and Monday Night Football beat game 3 of the ALCS. A paltry (for MNF) 7.2 percent of TV sets tuned in to watch just an awful, awful game between the Jags and Titans. Baseball drew just a 6.5.

I’ll bet “Dancing with the So-Called Stars” beat both.

It’s that time of year, unfortunately

This headline from Fresh Loaf sums up the mindset of the local sports fan.

Ben’s Sports Take: Braves flounder, but fear not…it’s football season

I find myself more annoyed by football’s return this year than ever before. It’s like a four-month long Montgomery Gentry concert. The sport’s okay (though is anything more boring than the five hours of “Sunday Night Football”?) — it’s the hype I can’t stand.