We feel you, Detroit

That was an Atlanta sports day if I've ever seen one. Losing to the Bills, at home, then being held in check by Bud Norris. An undependable bullpen. Sudden lack of hitting. A defeated crowd. That familiar misery. Our condolences.  


The Braves have buzz

2012 attendance through 46 games: 29,961 2013 attendance through 46 games: 32,027 Meanwhile, the Braves' local TV ratings are 17.9% ahead of last year’s numbers at the All Star Break.

Elton John, the Lemmer, Knucksie and JS talk Bravos

My dream: Elton John teams up with a rich Atlantan (say Sara Blakely, the billionaire who founded Spanx) and buys the Bravos. He's no superficial fan. In this series of clips, from 2007, Elton bitches about the best-of-five division playoff, disses the DH, compares B-Mac to Johnny Bench, quizzes JS about Leo Mazzone's departure and asks... Continue Reading →

No shame in being pissed

Nearly a quarter century ago, a moribund Braves franchise recruited Jim Varney, aka Ernest P. Worrell, as a pitchman. The Braves trotted out Ernest with all the subtlety befitting the character. On radio, fans hear Ernest yelling at Vern to buy tickets - as often as every half-inning. At the ballpark, Ernest's 6-foot~tall face grins maniacally above the... Continue Reading →

Worst fans ever

Tampa has a $39 million payroll and a roster full of exciting, homegrown players. Once again they're slaying the dragons in the AL East, but their 12 fans could give a shit. Tonight's attendance, with the Yankees in town, no less: 18,722. Okay, so your stadium sucks, and it's poorly located. Whatever. You are the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Net

That's what they call Oakland's mausoleum, home to Al Davis' ego (and the Athletics). Wednesday's Turner Field experience reminded me of what it must be like to be an A's fan: Sparse attendance (15,542 announced was generous) and chilly temperatures. By doubleheader's end no more than 1,000 fans remained. Too bad, because it was a... Continue Reading →

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