How un-Atlanta of them

The Falcons did something today Atlanta teams don't normally do in the postseason. Win. Savor it. (Though I still think the '80 team was the best of them all.)


My adventures with Rankin Smith, and other tales of Atlanta’s other sports teams

(A mostly Falcons flashback, with a Hawks cameo) In Atlanta the 1980 Falcons were football's version of the '91 Braves. Not quite the same, because the NFL schedule can't compete with the daily drama of a pennant race. And then there's the recognition factor. Everyone knew the Lemmer and Smoltzie and TP. How many knew... Continue Reading →

Good riddance

Falcons beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter asks: Will you root for Keith Brooking in the playoffs? The question is moot now, with the Vikings about to dispense of the Cowboys, but I'll answer anyway. Hell, no (see picture). --CB

A quick Falcons note

Yesterday we learned that, in addition to being the most overrated Falcons defender ever, Keith Brooking is also an obnxious clown. You'd think his two tackles made the difference in Sunday's game but, as usual, Brooking was inconsequential to the outcome. --CB

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