Chipper on the state of the Braves

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of today’s AJC, which features a long Q & A with Chipper  (you can read it online if you have a digital subscription). I don’t mind strikeouts either. I mind situational strikeouts. If you strike out 100 times, but your strikeouts are with two outs and…

Retiring #10 and welcoming back #14

Arizona’s first visit to Atlanta next year will coincide with the retirement of Chipper’s #10: June 28. It’ll be nice to see Martin get a standing O from a full house — recognition he deserves.

What’s Chipper up to?

Question….is it now legal to bait in Georgia? I know u couldn’t 10 yrs ago, but I haven’t hunted here in a long time. — Chipper Jones (@RealCJ10) January 30, 2013

Open Thread, 9.28, Chipper Night

Random musings about the greatest Atlanta Brave: I first saw Chipper play at Macon’s Luther Williams Field in 1991. Appropriate. Seeing a future franchise treasure at a treasure of an old ballpark. The 19-year-old Chipper was in his second season as a pro. Erratic at shortstop, there was never any doubting his wizardry with a…

Number 10

Jayson Stark summarizes Chipper’s greatest numerical feats: Jones hitting left-handed: .304/.405/.542. Hitting right-handed: .305/.391/.499. What it means: There have been 106 switch-hitters in history who came to the plate at least 5,000 times. Only two of them hit .300 or better from both sides. One was Frankie Frisch, whose career ended 75 years ago. The other:…

The promotions department should try thinking for a change

CD and I will be at the game tomorrow night to fete Chipper, but is Friday at 7 p.m. the best time to hold a ceremony honoring the greatest Atlanta Brave? (Speaking of, it would be nice to see the Hammer on the rostrum.) UPDATE: Hank will be there, according to Bowman. Quite a cap…

Bring it, Chipper!

Sorry, Chip, had to watch replay of the Buffalo-UGA tilt on TV and then catch up on all the high school games I DVR’d. Come on Atlanta! The Ted was a morgue tonite. We need you in full force. We feed off you guys. No excuse for the loss! Just sayin… — Chipper Jones (@RealCJ10)…

Medlen is Maddux-esque rite now, only Med has a better pick-off move! DU went #mammo off the paint can! Bmac is now singing soprano,Lol!! — Chipper Jones (@RealCJ10) August 29, 2012

A night in the life of Chipper Jones

No. 10 has joined Twitter. Good nite to sit at home and watch CSI, and get rested up for the phils! Show is good, company is good, sleep will be epic!!! Nite tweeps!!! — Chipper Jones (@RealCJ10) July 27, 2012

Chipper an All-Star

LaRussa makes amends, naming the future HOF’er to the All-Star squad replacing Matt Kemp. Michael Bourn deserves to be the 4th Brave named to the team.

LaHair over Chipper, Bourn? Ben Sheets??

Whenever I see Tony LaRussa I’m reminded of Corky St.  Clair’s famous admonition: Picking Bryan LaHair, a nice story who has cooled, over Chipper and Bourn is absurd. Chipper has played in 24 fewer games but has as many RBI as LaHair. With Starlin Castro on the team there was no need to pick a…

A message for Jamie Moyer

Chipper’s reaction to Jamie Moyer’s sign-stealing accusation reminds me how much we’ll miss his candor. “See, this is what happens when you get a pitcher who comes from a team that [relays signs] constantly — the Phillies,” Jones said. “And he is so paranoid that every single team does it, which is not the case….

All that was missing was a Rick Camp homer

#Braves Chipper Jones: “That was the most psychotic game I’ve ever been a part of.” — David O’Brien (@ajcbraves) May 3, 2012 Tough to argue with that one: Roy Halladay gave up eight runs. The Braves bullpen allowed seven. Durbin and Livan didn’t allow any. Carlos Ruiz drove in 7 (two more than Albert Pujols…

The Braves at 20

The ’82 team won its first 13. This year’s version dropped its first four. After 20, the ’82 Braves had just two more wins than the current squad. In the ’82 team’s 20th game, Joe Cowley pitched 7 shutout innings to secure win No. 15, aided by homers from Murph and Horner. Biff Pocoroba slugged…

Bravos at 40

Happy birthday to Chipper, one of the few players to reach his 40th while playing for the Braves. We’ll be happy if he matches the Hammer’s output at 40: .268-20-69 in 112 games, with a .341 OBP and .491 slugging percentage. The year before Aaron homered 40 times with a 1.045 OPS. Julio Franco was…

Chipper out of the line-up

Got fluid in his knee. Bummer! Matty D. gets the start instead. Genius has him hitting 6th, ahead of Heyward. I’ll be tweeting from The Ted tonight Follow me @rowlandsoffice.

Chipper factoid du jour

In honor of No. 10’s triumphant return, we launch what will be an occasional series of nuggets from the career of the greatest Braves hitter of the Atlanta era. Chipper is one of 10 players in Major League history to hit 400 home runs with a career batting average of .300 or better and a…

Offensive keys to the season: Heyward, Chipper

Heyward is obviously pivotal. He is one of the few real question marks in the lineup. Bourn will be solid. No way Prado doesn’t rebound. McCann will be McCann, and won’t fade late. Freeman could take a step back in year 2, ala J-Hey, but I don’t see it happening. Uggla will be Uggla. That…

No greater compliment

Here’s how the New York media reported the news of Chipper’s retirement: ‘Mets Killer’ Jones To Retire At Season’s End They still remember 1999, which arguably stands as the greatest season by any Braves hitter — ever. It wasn’t so much his numbers, though they were scintillating — 45 homers, 41 doubles, .441 OBP, 25 steals….