‘The Battered Bastards of Baseball’ a must-see

Netflix subscribers are encouraged, make that urged, to watch "The Battered Bastards of Baseball," a documentary about the independent Portland Mavericks, who dominated the Northwest League in the mid-70s. Founded by veteran character Bing Russell, dad of Kurt and grandfather of former Brave Matt Franco, to fill the void left by the departure of the... Continue Reading →


The Sixth Beatle

Just watched a fantastic Fernando Valenzuela documentary on ESPN (available  OnDemand for Comcast subscribers). It's the first of the "30 in 30" series focusing on baseball that I found compelling. (ANOTHER tribute to the 2004 Red Sox along with some Steinbrenner ass-kissing by overrated documentarian Barbara Kopple!?!) Director Cruz Angeles tells Valenzuela's story from the perspective of a Latino... Continue Reading →

Movie Hell

Jim Belushi, as a Cubs fan, in an early 90s "comedy" named after a Bachman-Turner Overdrive song. I believe this was the reason Charles Grodin quit show business. So you'll know, the Cubs-bashing is just getting started.

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