Nine who got away: #1, Adam Wainwright

Before the Adam Wainwright deal, the Braves typically guessed right about which pitching prospects to trade. Bruce Chen, Odalis Perez, Luis Rivera and Rob Bell were all considered top prospects but none fulfilled their potential (the exception being Jason Schmidt). Meanwhile, Wainwright has exceeded expectations. In 2006 he stepped up as the Cards' closer, pitching... Continue Reading →


Nine who got away: #2, Andre Thornton

Trading Andre Thornton for Joe Pepitone was the most short-sighted deal the Braves ever made. Their rationale? Pepitone might put a few extra butts in the seats. He ended up playing three games for the Braves before departing to Japan. Thornton was 23 at the time of the trade. The Braves had acquired him from... Continue Reading →

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