Longtime Office reader NahaGomez points out that last night’s loss dropped the franchise’s record under .500 for the first time since 2011. The Braves had been under .500 for three quarters of a century before that. It may be awhile before they’re in the black again. Lose today and the Braves will have twice as […]

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#Braves brickbats

The Braves lost their 40th game today. The ’98 Braves, which won 106, didn’t lose their 40th until August 11. Snitker’s scrubs have, after 56 games, four less wins than the lowly ’88 squad and one less than the 1935 Boston Braves, who finished a franchise-worst 38-115. The 2016 Braves have the same record as the […]

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The ghosts of 1988

Game 17 of the ’88 season was played in Atlanta, against the Mets, just like Saturday night. Braves batters managed 10 hits but left 8 runners on base, just like Saturday. As for the bullpens, think of Ryan Weber as the white Gary Eave. The 2016 Braves have won but one game at home, just […]

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Rock bottom revisited

Seems like a good time to revisit our series on the ’88 Braves. Go here for the complete diary. When you finish 27 games behind the 5th place team in a 6-team division, you suck. Hard. And no Atlanta sports team — Falcons, Hawks, Flames, Thrashers, Dream, Chiefs, Knights, Crackers — sucked harder than the […]

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The nadir

No matter how depressing this offseason has been, it could be worse, as this walk down memory lane reminds us. The Braves. losers of three straight, were 38-74 entering play on Aug. 10, 1988. A crowd of 6,070 turned out on one crazy summer night to watch Rick Mahler battle Andy Hawkins. A three-run homer by […]

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