August is a bad month for #Braves fans

The great Pete Van Wieren died one year ago today. Skip and Ernie also died in August. Enjoy what used to be, as Skip and Pete take you back to the last great pennant race. (On this day in 1993, the Braves were still 7.5 games behind the Giants. Five days later, they'd drop to 9.5 games... Continue Reading →


A great moment from the last great pennant race

Before Bud neutered the regular season, before corporate ownership sucked the soul from the Braves, baseball nirvana was commonplace on Capitol Avenue. Rooting for the Braves in September 1993 meant meaningful games every night, almost every one of them beautifully pitched. The guy your team's GM just stole from the Padres proves to be even... Continue Reading →

Before the series came south, and went south, the Braves would rebound from a Game 1 defeat, clubbing the Phils 14-3. McGriff and TP had three hits and one homer apiece as the Bravos chased ex-farmhand Tommy Greene, who gave up 7 runs in 2-2/3 IP. They seemed on their way to advancing to the World... Continue Reading →

Braves vs. Reds, 9/15/93

The 9th inning of one of the best games of the last great pennant race, in which the Braves rallied from four down in the 9th before 48,825 at Fulco. On a school night. Featuring Chipper's 2nd career AB, Klesko's second career HR and a blown save by Rob Dibble, compliments of Ronnie Gant.

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