The (12) worst games in #Braves history

A few years ago we counted down the 10 worst games in Atlanta Braves history. That was before the 2015-16 seasons, among the franchise's most woebegone. Two games merited inclusion with the worst ever, and they took place within five days of each other. Aug. 30, 2015 -- NYY 20 Braves 6 The Braves had lost... Continue Reading →


The 10 worst regular season games in A-Braves history

Our list begins in 1977, when the Braves got off to a surprising 8-5 start. They were 8-7 on April 25 when they played host to the defending world champion Reds. Knucksie started and didn’t make it out of the first, allowing 6 runs. Enter Jamie Easterly (5.72 ERA, 1.758 WHIP in 6 years as a Brave), who... Continue Reading →

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