Quarterly Report, Hitting, Misc.

Sorry it’s taken a while to get to this. Work, kid, bike riding, etc., etc. Offense The Braves offense has been middle-of-the pack this season. It’s been better in May, though: first in the NL in OBP, third in batting average, but a middling 8th in runs. Hitting has helped the club go 10-5 in […]

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Opening Day Opening Thread, 4/3/17

As the Braves face the Mets in another largely publicly-financed ballpark named after a bank, it got me to thinking, specifically about this: maybe Cobb taxpayers are getting a bargain for their $400 million or so. I jest. As distasteful as the back room deal that created SunTrust Park was, Cobb is paying  significantly less […]

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#Braves Marketing, Then and Now

This is an actual promotional piece from 1977. We’ve gone from wet T-shirt contests to Christian rock bands. Both are off-putting, in different ways. Apparently, barely concealed breasts weren’t that much of a draw for a woeful Braves club. They lost that night, 13-4 in front of 11,451, to fall to 13-25. They were 16 games […]

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