The All-Underrated Braves: OF

Maybe it was because he played in the late 70s, when the Braves were relentlessly uninspiring. He also had a reputation for being surly, if memory serves. Whatever the reason, few Braves fans seem to remember Jeff Burroughs — acquired from the Rangers for  Adrian Devine, Ken Henderson, Dave May, Roger Moret, Carl Morton and $250,000 — fondly. But, for two […]

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The All-Underrated Braves: OF

Lonnie Smith‘s base-running gaffe did not cost the Braves Game 7 in 1991. If you’re going to assign blame, place it on Ron Gant and Sid Bream — a combined 0-for-8 that night — for their inability to get a runner home from third with less than 2 outs.  Lonnie had 2 hits that night, […]

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The All-Underrated Braves: OF

In his 8 years with the Braves,  Rico Carty hit .317 with a .388 OBP and .496 slugging percentage. Those kind of numbers would get you $25 mil a year today. All it got Carty was a trade to Texas for a middle reliever with a 5.26 career ERA. Just two years earlier, Carty had […]

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The All-Underrated Braves: 3B

I wasn’t around to witness Darrell Evans‘ first go-around with the Braves. I only saw the 42-year-old member of the Bomb Squad, so I’ve been among those guilty of underrating “Howdy Doody.” In 1973, Evans compiled a gaudy .959 OPS, the highest for an Atlanta Braves third baseman not named Chpper Jones. Evans was never […]

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The All-Underrated Braves: SS

Before Andrelton, you’d have a good argument about who was the best SS in A-Braves history — not that there were many contenders. But since the turn of the century, the franchise has been blessed with above-average shortstops: Fukey, Yesco and Edgar. The Braves rescued Edgar from Boston in a trade for Andy Marte, a […]

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The All-Underrated Braves: 2B

In 2003, Marcus Giles posted an OPS that would’ve led the 2013 Braves, .20 points ahead of Freddie. Giles’ 7.8 WAR was good for 4th in the NL, and his range factor was tops among the league’s second basemen. Not bad for a 53rd round draft pick. A collision with Andruw Jones caused Giles to […]

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The All-Underrated Braves: 1B

Fred McGriff was a victim of his time, above average at everything but throwing from first to second on a double play. He was awful at that. But a .293 BA, .369 OBP and .516 slugging percentage, McGriff’s numbers during his 5 years in Atlanta, seem rather pedestrian when compared to the ‘rodied-up numbers of […]

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The All-Underrated Braves: C

I hate to include a guy arrested for making death threats against his wife, as Johnny Estrada was alleged to have done last August, but there’s no morals clause for the All-Underrated team. Estrada was acquired in a move of unnecessary desperation brought upon by Greg Maddux’s decision to accept arbitration. JS, who had signed […]

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The all-underrated #Braves

The full list can be found here. We start with the Braves’ most underrated starting pitcher, a gift from former Royals GM John Schuerholz. Bobby doesn’t get enough credit for assembling the team of the 90s, even though he drafted Glavine, Avery and Justice and traded for Smoltz. In Dec. 1989, Bobby made another trade integral […]

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Gavin Floyd, difference-maker?

Depth is an undervalued asset in baseball, especially when it comes to pitching. The Braves had it but lost it over two days in March. Ervin Santana and Alex Wood are solid substitutes for Med Dog and Beachy, but it’s not that seamless. Wood, enjoying an impressive spring,  needs to be handled with extreme care, […]

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