Open thread, 7/20-23, standing pat may be #Braves only option

With all the talk of trades odds are better than even that any deals the Braves make will be largely insignificant. They’ve reportedly told teams they’ve taken Matt Adams off the block — a negotiating plea, we hope, but more likely a reflection that this is a buyer’s market. Adams is unlikely to fetch a lot, so the Braves probably would be wise to hold onto him.

No word yet on who the Twins are sending to Atlanta in exchange for Jaime Garcia. Probably nothing to get excited about. Will Jim Johnson be next? We can only hope.

The Braves are likely to pick up some marginal prospects when all is said and done and will head into 2018 with the same problems that exist now:

Grady and Bubba manning the outfield corners;

Question Mark and the Mysterians in the rotation;

An unsettled bullpen;

A not-so-hot corner and;

Prospects still not ready for prime time.

That includes the heavily hyped face of the franchise, reserve SS Dansby Swanson.

Sure got cloudy all the sudden.

As for the Dodgers series, one win out of four will be a victory.


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