Open thread, 7/17-19, Tomorrow’s #Braves trades today

Coppy has inspired a legion of acolytes among Braves fans despite the fact that, without Dave Stewart, his track record on trades is spotty at best.

*Olivera for Wood and Peraza

*Newcomb for Simmons (batting .291 with a .781 OPS and 4.3 WAR, 10th best in MLB this year ahead of Bryce Harper, Joey Votto, George Springer and Nolan Arenado)

*Justin Upton for Max Fried (ERA above 6 at Mississippi) and Mallex, whom they turned into Luiz Gohara, which could still salvage the deal.

*Kimbrel for Melvin Jr.’s contract and Austin Riley, probably the organization’s most overrated prospect.

On balance Coppy has done good work, assuming the pitching prospects develop as hoped. If they don’t, the rebuild will be branded a failure. The next two two weeks could have a big impact on determining how fast the future arrives.

Here’s what  I’d like to see, based on conversations the club is reportedly having:

Trade for Sonny Gray, for whom he’d apparently be willing to offer Ozzie Albies.

Trade Julio, perhaps to the Astros for slugger Derek Fisher and pitcher Frances Martes?

Send Garcia to Texas for 2B/SS/3B Jurickson Profar, who has failed to deliver on his vast promise — kind of like the Braves’ current SS.

Get something for Matt Adams, though, among contenders, it appears only the Yankees have any need for a DH/1B type.

I wish trading Nick Markakis and Matt Kemp was on Coppy’s to-do list but I don’t see it. The Braves corner outfielders have a combined WAR of -0.8.


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