Open thread, 6/30 – 7/2, #Braves vs. the municipal equivalent of STP

*”There’s no there there.” Gertrude Stein, when asked her thoughts about SunTrust Park.

*If Cody Bellinger was playing first base for the Braves I might understand the Freddie Freeman experiment. But Matt Adams is no Cody Bellinger. At his best he’ll be another Matt Kemp — plus power and little else. At best Freddie will be another Adonis Garcia with the glove at third. Defense has never been valued more in baseball but Coppy doesn’t appear to share that conviction.

*This is the guy who traded Andrelton, the best defender at the most pivotal defensive position in baseball. The former Brave has a 3.4 WAR this year. Only 14 players rank higher. Clayton Kershaw ranks 14th. As impressive as Sean Newcomb has pitched, he’s no Kershaw and never will be. Andrelton’s high ranking isn’t due solely to his defense; through 81 games he has 8 HR, 35 RBI, a .280 BA and near-career best .333 OBP.

*Sorry to be so negative, but the idea of the Braves trading for Jose Quintana or Sonny Gray (the Rays aren’t going to deal Chris Archer, not yet at least) is madness. These are good, not great pitchers, in a market inundated with mediocre pitching. That will allow Coppy to get something — not much — for Jaime Garcia. That same market would also force him to give up way too much for an almost-ace. A contender might be compelled to do just that. Why would the Braves?

*Bravo to Folty for last night’s gem. He’s now allowed two runs or less in 5 of his last 6 starts.


One thought on “Open thread, 6/30 – 7/2, #Braves vs. the municipal equivalent of STP

  1. Last night was great. I listened to the first 4 innings, watched the final 5. It was compelling.

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