Open thread, 6/23-25, how are #Braves winning?

The rotation is a mess. So is the bullpen. Their best player is on the shelf. Their defense is erratic. They’ve struck out more than any other NL team while their pitchers have struck out the fewest batters in the Senior Circuit. Only two NL teams have drawn fewer walks.

So how are the Braves four games under .500? You tell me.


8 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/23-25, how are #Braves winning?

  1. Braves are leading the NL in runs scored in June. And Dansby is becoming the savvy, clutch player he’s been advertised to be.

  2. The rotation would look a lot better this year and going forward had we not traded Alex Wood (and Jose Peraza and Joe Johnson) to the Dodgers for the loathsome Hector Oliveira.

  3. Actually, the Braves hitters are one of the least for strikeouts in the NL. Only the Pirates have fewer strikeouts. Because of their high BA, they are tied for third in OB percentage. Another factor is there are a lot of bad teams in
    the NL. Crazy, but the Braves have the 7th best record. Right now, the Cubs are only two games better than the Braves.

  4. Recently, they’ve been facing teams that are worse (or at least as bad) as they are. They’ve hit a streak of winning 1-run and close games that’s unlikely to continue. They’ve faced some downright awful pitchers and most MLB players can hit bad pitching. Some of the opposing managers have given away games by not pulling pitchers right before they get blown out of the water. Not pulling a struggling pitcher is something the Braves used to be known for. Those are the main reasons.

    Watch now as John Hart (prematurely) believes they’ve finally turned the corner and they become buyers instead of sellers because he thinks they’re going deep in the playoffs. BIG mistake by a BIG ego. You heard it here first….

  5. This team hasn’t turned anything as long as their Colombiano is pitching like Bartolo Colon.

  6. I think a big part of it is the mediocrity of the National League at the moment. Apart from the Dodgers, Diamnondbacks, Rockies, and Nationals, none of the other teams are very good at the moment.

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