Jo-Jo Reyes wonders: Where’s my bobblehead?

Coppy’s $12.5 million mistake has joined a club that counts Jo-Jo Reyes, Kyle Davies, Blue Moon Odom and Kevin Coffman among its members. Yes, Bartolo Colon is in the midst of one of the five worst seasons by a Braves starting pitcher ever (minimum 10 starts, hence the exclusion of Mark Redman and Frank LaCorte).

Colon isn’t the worst of that bunch — yet. In 2006 Davies posted an ungodly 8.38 ERA in 14 games, all starts. He didn’t make it past the third inning in four of those outings, giving up 90 hits in 63.1 IP for a 1.942 WHIP.

Coffman posted the worst peripherals of anyone in that group, walking 54 and striking out just 24 in 67 IP in 1988. The slender Texan finished the year with a 5.78 ERA and 1.731 WHIP.

Colon, who sports a 6.99 ERA after 11 starts, nearly mimics Odom’s numbers for the 1975 Braves. Blue Moon, acquired along with Rob Belloir from the Indians after a disagreement over $8,000, had a 7.07 ERA in 15 games (10 starts) that year.

Reyes gets the award for sustained awfulness, finishing his Braves career 5-15 with a 6.40 ERA and 1.670 WHIP. At least he was consistent: In 2007, Reyes pitched in 11 games, 10 starts, good for a 6.22 ERA and 1.678 WHIP. In twice as many starts the following season Reyes fashioned a 5.81 ERA and 1.646 WHIP.

One big difference: Colon is making more this year than Reyes, Davies, Coffman and Odom combined made over the entirety of their careers.

*Actually Reyes probably doesn’t belong in the Bottom 5. As bad as Reyes was in 2007 and ’08, Aaron Blair was worse last year: 15 games, all starts, 7.59 ERA, 1.657 WHIP, 4.4 BB/9 IP, 5.9 K/9. Sorry, Jo-Jo.


2 thoughts on “Jo-Jo Reyes wonders: Where’s my bobblehead?

  1. We can only hope Colon is out of the rotation when his bobble head night rolls around in a week and a half. By the way, the factoid about Bart making more this year than the others combined to earn in their careers is true even after you adjust for inflation.

  2. ^ I was actually going to ask about that.

    Blue Moon looks cool on his ’76 Topps card.

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