What if #Braves had completed monster deal w/ Yanks?

So where would the Braves be had the Yankees agreed to this deal? (Asking Brian Cashman to take Melvin AND Chris Johnson was a bit ambitious.) They wouldn’t have Dansby or Ender, but they would have the game’s best young catcher and a budding folk hero in the middle of the line-up. And with Melvin gone they could’ve gotten the proper return for Craig Kimbrel. Manuel Margot instead of Matt Wisler.

Imagine this line-up:

Margot CF
Sanchez C
Freddie 1B
Kemp/Markakis LF
Judge RF
Phillips 2B
(unfortunately) Adonis 3B
Albies SS

Plus you’d have Luis Severino in the rotation. In five starts covering 32-1/3 IP, the 23 year-old right-hander has walked 6 and struck out 36, good for a 0.949 WHIP.


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