Open thread, 4/26-27, #Braves vs. Mets

As bad as things are for Braves fans they could be worse. For instance, Harold Reynolds could be Chip’s broadcast partner.

Last night I heard HR actually defend the Shelby Miller to Arizona trade, saying the Diamondbacks viewed Dansby as expendable because they wanted to give Chris Owings a chance at SS.

Of all the ignorant things Reynolds has said over the years, and there are many, this may be the stupidest.

Just thought I’d share.







2 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/26-27, #Braves vs. Mets

  1. He also defended the umpire in the infamous “infield fly rule” wild card game against the Cardinals…

  2. That’s just because he spends most of his attention on harassing women. Baseball is just a platform for his true interests.

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