You’ll never see this at The Mallpark

When it comes to ballpark atmosphere, the Braves don’t do clever. Snark makes them uncomfortable. They don’t even play “Apache” anymore after home runs, opting instead for, you guessed it, a new country ditty.  In other words, they’ve taken their suburban sensibilities to their new suburban stadium.

Something like this would never play at The Mallpark:






3 thoughts on “You’ll never see this at The Mallpark

  1. Let’s all be politically correct, 2 of the most iconic images to me are the the Atlanta brave,and the Cleveland Indian just look at there jerseys from the 60s and 70s they were a big part and people of America we celebrated.i could name almost every brave from those early 70s teams, how about sonny jackson, chuck goggin,Mike lum,Frank tepidino,now that’s a bench lol

  2. I remember when we had the organist at Turner Field, and during one series against the Mets he played “Camptown Races” when Lucas Duda came up to bat (doo dah, doo dah). Apparently that offended Duda, who complained and then had the organist shut up.

    So much for home field advantage – we too scared to even offend the other team’s players.

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