Open Thread, 4/21-4/23, Bravos Look for More Brotherly Love Than Nats Showed

The home nine steps back into our proper end of the pool against the Phils tonight. Flowers is back in the lineup, which should help. He was hitting, though his sometimes indifferent-looking defense annoys me. Does he ever shift over to block a pitch in the dirt? Not that I recall.

Dansby is also back, hitting 8th. I get moving him down. But the 8th spot has never struck me as an especially easy spot because pitchers don’t fear the opposing pitcher at bat. Meanwhile, Garcia is again in the 2 hole. This infuriates CB, and I understand why. The Braves are not exactly burning up the scoreboard. And there is a guy who’s hitting .328 and reaching base 37% of the time. Call him Player A, or Brandon Phillips. There’s another guy, Adonis Garcia, or Player B, who’s hitting .175 and getting on base 22% of the time.

Who would you put in front of the blazing Freddie Freeman, who keeps getting extra base hits with nobody on base (6 HR, 8 RBI)? Snitker is choosing Player B, or Garcia.

I’m sure Snit views the move of Adonis to the 2 hole and Dansby to 8th as temporary. And Chip, I believe it was, paraphrased the skipper saying something about Bobby often moving a struggling hitter into the 2 spot to get him more fastballs to hit.

You’re struggling to score runs and you need every win you can get. So remembering that Bobby did something now and then is a flimsy justification for  putting arguably the worst hitter in your lineup in front of your best, hottest hitter, while ensuring that Player B will probably get more plate appearances than Player A. Snitker seems a really good guy, and he hasn’t been Fredi so far. This is a bit of a head scratcher, though.

Onward and sideways. The chubby punctuation mark toes ye slab this evening. He was excellent last Sunday. His opposing hurler, the Hellickson, is off to a superb start. Perhaps the Hellickson is due to give up a passel of runs because he’s hardly  a great big league pitcher.

Tonight’s lineup: Ender, Player B, Freddie, Kemp, Markakis, Phillips, Flowers, Swanson, Colon.

In other news, Jim Powell alibis for Dansby as if he’s his son, and as if Powell is a grating dad who can’t accept reality and is determined to raise a turd who won’t accept responsibility for anything. That’s no reflection on Swanson. He seems like a good dude whom his teammates like and respect. I’m bitching here about the broadcaster.

Yes it’s very early. It’d be absurd to proclaim Swanson a bust or any such thing. I’ve heard nobody say that. But Dansby is scuffling, and it’s been more than just a couple of games. It’s indisputable. He’s hitting .131 with 16 strikeouts and only 2 walks. He has two extra base hits in 63 plate appearances. He’s also made 3 errors.

Powell’s take? “That kid’s not getting any calls.” And last night he admitted Dansby is “struggling, statistically at least.” Stop insulting everyone’s intelligence, you colorless dullard, you shameless shill. Look, we all root for the Braves and want to see Dansby succeed. But acting like everyone is picking on our favorite rookie is just stupid. Powell seems to get worse each season. This year he’s already made several fake news “jokes.” He and Don are becoming the C.V. Bucknor and Eric Gregg of broadcasters. Shifting from Skip and Pete to these two is like moving from Maddux and Glavine to Jeff Bennett and Tim Spooneybarger.


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