Fish might get Glavine, #Braves stuck w/ Liberty

Well that’s depressing. After two decades of Wayne Huizenga and Jeffrey Loria, the Marlins might end up with Glavine and a Romney or Derek Jeter and a Bush as their owners.

Meanwhile, the Braves are entering their 10th year as one of Liberty Media’s monetized assets. They are one of two teams in baseball — along with the Blue Jays — owned by a corporation. Unlike Liberty, Rogers Communications spends generously on talent; Toronto’s payroll entering 2017 is $179 million, about $65 million more than the Braves.

I don’t think anyone assumed Liberty would own the Braves this long. I’m hopeful they’ll sell soon, with the franchise valued at $1.5 billion, if not more. But the Colorado conglomerate doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.

“I think there are a lot of great things ahead for the Braves, starting with the new stadium, but (also) longer-term potential,” he said, citing baseball’s rising TV and digital revenues. “I think there are a lot of ways the Braves continue to be a very interesting business for us, as well as a great team.”

We have Bud Selig to thank for this. He’s the one who saddled Atlanta with Liberty (and Miami with Loria).

The Braves have spent the last 15 years under the thumb of two corporations, and here’s what they have to show for it:

*Worst local TV rights deal in the game
*Steadily shrinking payrolls
*Bland, focus-grouped game day atmosphere
*Ignorance of market
*A move to the ‘burbs that’s already alienated a significant portion of fan base.

But who knows. Maybe Ron Reagan and Orestes Destrade will team up to buy the Braves.


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  1. In other news, Jim Powell alibis for Dansby as if he’s his son. Now, it’s very early. It’d be foolish to proclaim Swanson a bust or any such thing. Still, he is clearly struggling so far. He’s hitting .131 with 126 strikeouts and only 2 walks. He has two extra base hits in 63 plate appearances. He’s also made 3 errors. What’s Powell’s take? “That kid’s not getting any calls.” And last night he admitted Dansby is “struggling, statistically at least.”

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