Open Thread, 4/14-17, The Mallpark Era Begins

I won’t pretend to be completely over Liberty Media’s back room deal to take the Braves up I-75, over the Lester Maddox Bridge to Smyrna, or the Cumberland Mall area, or whatever that part of Cobb County should be called.

But resentment hurts the resenter far more than the resented, I believe. To be sure, I continue to loathe Liberty Media. It pisses me off enormously that the one professional sports franchise I’ve ever really cared about is owned by a Colorado-based corporation that gives less than a shit about the Atlanta community and, really, about the Braves beyond what the team can do for the corporate bottom line. Nevertheless, I am still rooting for the Braves baseball team, if not the larger entity that is the Braves organization.

So, go Freddie. Go Dansby. On Julio. Etc.

I imagine SunTrust Park is really nice. From what I read, there’s a lot of Henry Louis Aaron homage paid there. That’s always good. Henry is throwing out the first pitch tonight, as it should be. (We’re pleasantly surprised it’s not some SunTrust exec or Tim Lee.) And I’m glad there’s a Bobby statue. Plus, I’m glad there will be a bar there affiliated with a more-or-less local brewer. (Terrapin is in Athens.) I hope they’ll have other local beers, though. In a short time, Atlanta has become a hell of a beer town.

Ye humble bloggers will visit the new yard Sunday and will provide a thorough report of our impressions during and after the game. It’s good they are opening the ballpark against the crappy Padres. I shudder to think what it would be like opening against a team like the Cubs. There would likely be half the crowd rooting on the visitor.

Anyway, I think the Braves will hit enough. I believe the defense will improve. The rotation? Not so sure. Julio is a gem and will be for some years to come. Beyond him, as Chris has repeatedly pointed out, we really need Folty to progress this season. After that we have three guys who won’t be part of the future. Which all makes it a little weird to open a gleaming new mallpark with a team that is truly built to be a .500 club, tops. I don’t quibble with the rebuild. It’s the right thing to do.

It’s just not a hell of a lot of fun to root for a team amid a five-year rebuild. The only way this team contends this year would be to trade chunks of the farm for starting pitching. That’d be dumb. And they won’t do it. If they were going to do that, they would have done it in the offseason.

Same line-up as usual, with Peterson batting 8th in LF and Flowers behind the plate.

*CB here: Dansby gonna break his slump tonight and happy 51st birthday to Mad Dog and David Justice.


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  1. GaryT says:

    Hey Charles: We’d appreciate your comments after Sunday on getting to the park and parking there (along with the whole experience, of course). thanks!

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