Chipper enables Rocker victimhood

In his new book, Chipper writes that former teammate John Rocker was “exploited” by writer Jeff Pearlman in his infamous SI profile. That’s just silly. Rocker was a grown man who knew he was speaking to a reporter. No one forced him into being a racist Neanderthal.


Chipper, responding on Twitter to Pearlman, asked if he let Rocker or any of his reps proofread the article. He should know better. As Pearlman states, journalists never allow the subjects of an article to read it before it’s printed.

Equally irksome is Chipper’s claim that he would read profiles before they ran; that publications would permit such a thing. I worked at SI—never allowed. I worked for—never allowed. I write for Bleacher Report—never allowed. I wrote for a Gannett newspaper—never allowed. I wrote for Newsday—never allowed. Some of my best friends in the business write for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution—not allowed. You never, ever, ever, ever, ever let a subject proofread an article before it runs. It compromises about 832 different journalistic bylaws, and only happens with fan and team publications. And not even always in those circumstances.

So either Chipper is full of crap (on this point) or he engaged with some really shitbag journalists.

I like Chipper, but he’s dead wrong on this one.

As for Rocker, I’d love to forgive and forget but he’s never made amends for embarrassing the organization. He sure does love to play the victim, though, as evident in this passage from his book, “Scars and Strikes”:

I died on a Sunday evening. While dining at a restaurant in Melbourne, Florida, on December 19, 1999, I came face to face with the grim reaper, who appeared before me in the form of media’s biased scrutiny and rabid lust for the sensational, and watched as my soul was put to death right before my very eyes. There was no discretion taken, there was no objectivity considered, there was no truth sought: A mafia-style murder with a proverbial bullet to the back of the head to appease the godfather.


12 thoughts on “Chipper enables Rocker victimhood

  1. I’m surprised John Rocker doesn’t have a right-wing talk show on WSB or Info Wars, with Chipper as his weekly guest.

    Exclusive: John Rocker notes radio host is doing gun-defense job GOP has failed to do
    Published: 01/14/2013 at 8:06 PM
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  3. Well, if anyone learned anything from the Wikileaks offerings from the past year, Politico does it routinely. And that’s supposedly a respectable outfit.

    Anyway, Chipper is a moron. He’s a cocky buffoon. Thanks for this piece. It reminds me how much I disliked this guy.

  4. Back off, Roadrunner. Chipper is no intellectual but he knows baseball and he’s a great interview. Plus he’s an Office favorite. That said, thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. I actually kind of liked Preston.

    Charlesad, you can love Chipper and I don’t and that’s fine. What puzzles me is why nobody notes that a number of post season runs that ended because of his iron glove. I never saw a player who had such a knack for making the devastating error. But he made good copy, I guess.

  6. Chipper has his critics. His throw against the Cardinals was a killer. It turned that game more than the bad infield fly rule call. And he botched a play against the Marlins in ’97. He definitely had some bad postseason moments. Sadly, those seemed entirely representative of the Braves October malaise. But overall, Chipper was one of the best players in Atlanta Braves history. We watched him from the time he was a raw 18-year-old shortstop. He cares about the team still, and I like him. As you say, Roadrunner, we don’t all have to agree.

  7. Apparently his book opens with the error in the Cardinals game. So kudos to him for owning up to it. His postseason numbers are actually pretty solid: .287-13-47 in 93 games.

  8. I can think of some others that destroyed seasons. We lost home field advantage in 2000 when he booted a ball with two outs in the 9th of the final game of the season. The following year, he cost us the key game of the division series. We lost the Wild Card race in ’07 when he threw a ball in the stands. And then in the epic collapse of 2011, he was the one who broke the team’s back. He lost a ball in the lights. Even he said that at the point, everyone knew it was over. That’s what I can think of at the top of my head. When you add it all up, that’s a lot of seasons. In close games, I always remember thinking, “Please don’t hit the ball to Chipper.” I don’t mean to rail on him, but jeez. It was incredible.

    Anyway, that sucker could hit.

  9. Rocker himself had a lot more to do with that Rockies loss in 2000. That meatball he threw to Helton was a backbreaker.

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