Open thread, 4/5/17, #Braves vs. Mets

Time for some snap judgements:

  • Is Brian Snitker a slave to the book that says relievers must have defined roles? Let’s hope not. On Monday, with two runs on, one out and Cespedes coming to the plate, Snitker replaced Ian Krol with Chaz Roe. The inning unraveled from there as the team’s best reliever (Arodys) watched Eric O’Flaherty remind us spring training stats mean nothing.
  • Matt Kemp is Justin Upton, minus any ability to play in the field. Like J-Up, Kemp can be very streaky. Last May, for instance, he batted .186 with a .561 OPS. (No one will confuse him for Mr. May. In 2015 Kemp also hit .186 with a unsightly .437 OPS.) Good pitchers make Kemp look feeble. He’s not the kind of player you want on a rebuilding team.
  • I’m not bullish on Bartolo. The guess here is that R.A. Dickey will prove to be a wiser investment than the fat guy who last year was sued for failure to pay child support. Not sure how that makes a folk hero.

The line-up is the same as Monday, with one change: Kurt Suzuki replaces Flowers behind the plate.


2 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/5/17, #Braves vs. Mets

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