Keith Law hearts #Braves system, MLB Pipeline likes it a lot

Two of the five Braves to make Keith Law’s Top 50 prospects — Ronald Acuna (36) and Max Fried (50) — went unranked in MLB Pipeline’s Top 100. Kind of surprising, since Acuna has really caught the eye of scouts within the last six months.

Dansby (2), Ozzie Albies (26) and Kolby Allard (32) were the other Braves to make Law’s Top 50.

Three Braves made MLB Pipeline’s 50 best: Dansby (4), Albies (11) and Kevin Maitan (32). Maitan’s high ranking is fairly stuning given he still hasn’t played an inning of professional ball.

As for the bottom 50, Law ranked Maitan 59th but he likes Ian Anderson (52) better than Pipeline, which slotted the Braves’ 2016 first-round pick at #86.

Newly acquired Luiz Gohara came in 77th on Law’s list but missed Pipeline’s Top 100. Mike Soroka didn’t crack Law’s Top 100; Pipeline ranks him 78th.

Sean Newcomb saw his stock drop considerably on both lists; Law has him at 81, Pipeline at 80.

I’m surprised Touki Toussaint, who began to harness his knee-buckling curve in the second half at Rome, didn’t crack didn’t either list.

MLB Pipeline  Ian Anderson 86, Sean Newcomb 80, Mike Soroka 78, Kolby Allard 53, Kevin Maitan 32, Ozzie Albies 11, Dansby Swanson 4

Keith LawNewcomb 81, Luiz Gohara 77, Maitain 59, Anderson 52, Max Fried 50, Ronald Acuna 36, Allard 32, Albies 26, Dansby 


One thought on “Keith Law hearts #Braves system, MLB Pipeline likes it a lot

  1. I have very little confidence in Newcomb. That trade was a serious mistake. Even if you concede that trading Simmons was a defensible move, we didn’t get nearly enough for him.

    Aside from that, I feel really good about a lot of these guys.

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