Another body doesn’t equal depth for #Braves

We were told that, despite their plus offense, the Braves didn’t want Wellington Castillo or a rehabbing Wilson Ramos because they weren’t adequate pitch framers. But today they signed Kurt Suzuki, who was worse than both at pitch framing and pretty much everything else in 2016.

Suzuki’s caught stealing ratio was a puny 19 percent last year, slightly better than in 2015 when he threw out only 14 of 94 baserunners attempting to steal.¬†Castillo and Ramos were twice as good statistically.

With Suzuki and Tyler Flowers behind the plate, the Braves will be easy prey for the likes of Billy Hamilton and Trea Turner.

Suzuki is also a non-factor at the plate, with little power and OBPs of .301 or below in three of the last four years. So why did the Braves bother?

It’s only a matter of time before Suzuki (or Flowers) is joined on the pine by the likes of Jeff Francoeur. Once again, the bench shapes up as a liability for the Braves.


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