Will #Braves game-day atmosphere improve at SunTrust?

The Turner Field atmosphere went from bad to worse in the park’s final years. We were treated to endless promptings to do the dated Tomahawk Chop, the lifeless cheers and forced smiles of the Braves girls and, most annoying, the fake bearded guy accompanying “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” during the 7th inning stretch. All under the shadow of the stupid fucking Chick-fil-A cow.

We know the “iconic” cow has been moved north, but will the rest of the corn pone follow? Will we have to endure screaming Mark Owens between innings introducing the county fair-level attractions? Might we actually hear a decent song from time to time instead of the endless classic rock and new county tunes? Could we at least pretend we’re at a baseball game?

I’m not hopeful. The same marketing and promotions geniuses are in charge and I suspect they think they’ve done a terrific job attracting and entertaining fans. Until we get new ownership, expect more distractions cynically tailored to Middle America tastes.

“Ladies and gentleman turn your attention to the fiddler’s outhouse in RF for tonight’s edition of toilet humor, sponsored by Pepto-Bismol, the official antacid of the Atlanta Braves.” 



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