#Braves can still do better than Adonis

There’s this misconception that Adonis Garcia was a revelation last year, that after his demotion to Triple-A he returned a different player. That’s partly true, but consider he was well-below average before, average at best now.

I’m also concerned that a 30-year-old rookie even needed a wake-up call, as was apparently the case. Garcia should never have been taking the big leagues for granted, and who’s to say he won’t do it again?

Despite his improvements, Garcia still finished with a .717 OPS and a WAR of 0.3 (1.1 on offense, 0.8 defense).

I’m not talking anything major. The free agency cupboard is bare, save for Luis Valbuena, left-handed batter with a 2.8 WAR last year. But the Braves say they want to give Rio Ruiz a shot, though he hasn’t really earned one.

There’s one intriguing name on the trade market, one who wouldn’t cost that much and would represent a clear upgrade from Garcia.

The rebuilding Padres have reportedly made Yangervis Solarte available, and the switch-hitting ex-Yankee would be a nice fit. He’s more versatile than Garcia, is capable from both sides of the plate and is under team control for three more years.

He’s average defensively but better than you think at the plate. batting .286 last year with an .808 OPS. I’d offer Garcia and a second-tier pitching prospect, someone like Lucas Sims for former Padre Matt Wisler.

So how ’bout pairing Garcia with a pitcher, maybe Lucas Sims or Matt Wisler? I’d even throw in another lesser prospect because I don’t trust Garcia one bit.

Solarte would give the Braves a dependable stopgap until Austin Riley or Kevin Maitan are ready. Now’s the time to pounce.


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