Skip, Pete and Ernie screwed again by HOF

It was bad enough that Milo Hamilton was enshrined before the Braves’ three biggest HOF snubs: Skip, Pete and Ernie. This year they weren’t even included among the eight finalists. Hawk Harrelson and the voice of the Tampa Bay Rays,  DeWayne Staats, were.

I’ve been the Braves trio has been repeatedly passed over because they split into each other’s vote. Perhaps, but all three were more-deserving finalists than this year’s crop.

Maybe we’ll see justice in 2018, when, according to the official Hall of Fame website, only broadcasters “whose contributions were realized on a national level” will be considered. Hopefully Cooperstown voters will remember that Skip, Pete and Ernie were the voice of “America’s Team” for many years. They were as well-known to baseball fans in Idaho as they were in Atlanta.

How great would it be to see at least one, if not all three, enter the same year as Chipper? We can hope, but considering past snubs we’re more likely to see Sean McDonough or Harold Reynolds giving an acceptance speech.


2 thoughts on “Skip, Pete and Ernie screwed again by HOF

  1. All three were certainly great broadcasters. I was all of twelve years old when Skip and Pete came on the scene in Atlanta. Everyone took to Pete right away, but it took a little while for Skip to become as popular. Skip’s straight talk came to be more and more appreciated as the years went by. My favorite all-time Skip quote is: “None of this would have happened if Commissioner Selig were still alive!” I hope Commissioner Selig enjoyed hearing that as much as we did, ha-ha.

  2. I truly hope that Skip, Pete and Ernie will be considered for entry next year. I watched almost every game on T.B.S. while growing up outside of Atlanta and as a life long Braves fan I might be a little bias but I honestly don’t think there was anyone better than these three outstanding broadcasters. All three of these gentlemen made huge contributions that were realized on a national level and then some. I really miss Skip, Pete and Ernie – they ABSOLUTELY belong in the H.O.F.!!!

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