#Braves conduct unimaginative managerial search

It’s disappointing that the only candidates interviewed from outside the organization were old associates of John Hart. No Dave Martinez interview. Or Torey Lovullo. And no one outside the box, like an Alex Cora or even Mark DeRosa.

Terry Pendleton, Eddie Perez and Bo Porter were interviewed but Hart now says they won’t be selected because that wouldn’t be fair to Brian Snitker? Then why interview them? TP and Eddie deserve better.

Most baseball people have good things to say about Black. The again, we were led to believe Fredi was well-respected within the game when the Braves hired him in 2011. Snitker obviously cultivated a better atmosphere but he appears to be very conventional. Ron Washington’s players loved him but his strategy appears to be gut-driven. And he’s 64.

Black would probably be my first choice but I can only hope his reputation is warranted. One thing’s for sure: They won’t be breaking any ground.

And to those who say managers don’t really matter anyway, look at the Indians. Terry Francona, and his artful use of Andrew Miller, was a major factor in Cleveland’s win over Boston.


2 thoughts on “#Braves conduct unimaginative managerial search

  1. If there was any justice, John Hart would be named John Heartless. He only sees players and coaches as lifeless cogs in the machine he controls. They are interchangeable and when he’s done with them, they’re expendable. When some players start to perform above their perceived “value”, he instantly sees them as a bargaining piece for a trade. When he traded K Johnson & Uribe to the Mets last season, he not only took away clubhouse leaders and the #2 & #4 bats on the Braves at the time, but he actually PAID the Mets to take them away. Is that what you really want to do when building a young, cohesive team? No, unless they’re messing up your draft pick plans. Hart has traded Braves players and then had them informed that they’ve been traded while they were on the field in pre-game warmups. Who even does stuff like that? So it’s no surprise that Braves coaches are being treated the way they are….unappreciated and unprofessionally If John Hart was the last employer on Earth, I would be unemployed until going tits up. I genuinely pity any individual who has to work for or around John Hart. There are greener pastures for quality people like Pendleton, Perez, Porter & Snitker.

  2. Not disputing your other points, but the Braves did get John Gant & Rob Whalen in the Johnson/Uribe trade.
    Braves got Kelly back again and traded him for Akeel Morris.
    Uribe was let go by the Mets during offseason & this year by the Indians
    Trading spare parts on a team going nowhere for prospects seems like a good idea.
    Maybe they will resign Johnson back again and trade him to the Mets for the third time.

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