Open thread, #Braves vs. Atlanta

The Braves aren’t just saying goodbye to Turner Field. They’re bidding adieu to the city of Atlanta. The organization gets the bulk of the blame for that, and deservedly so. The city’s hypersensitive mayor, Kasim Reed, is not blameless, choosing to do business with the Falcons over Liberty despite 73 more home dates for the Braves. Of course neither team needed a new stadium, but that debate is long over.

But hey, we may get to see an opposing team celebrate at Turner Field. That’ll be a novelty. MLB is not making it easy on the Tigers, who, because of no DH, will be playing without Victor Martinez, a key component of their line-up. Also, ex-Braves Cameron Maybin (traded for virtually nothing) and Justin Upton (on one of his trademark hot streaks) have helped keep the Tigers in the playoff race.






One thought on “Open thread, #Braves vs. Atlanta

  1. A tidbit of trivia to mark the passing of Turner Field: Several parts Braves Field in Boston still exist as portions of the Nickerson field complex at Boston University. Back in my college days in the mid-80’s I met a 100-year old Boston lady who loved the Braves and had attended games at Braves Field in her youth.

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