Two #Braves FA targets off the table

The two free agents I hoped the Braves would target are no longer options. Martin Prado re-signed with the Marlins and Wilson Ramos tore the ACL in his right knee for a second time, making him a risk not worth taking.

There were pretty much the only free agents options for improving the everyday line-up. Justin Turner would certainly be an improvement over Adonis at third base but he wants to re-sign with the Dodgers and they can afford to keep him.

Matt Wieters’ price tag will probably increase due to Ramos’ injury. He’s unlikely to be worth it. He has a .303 OBP with a .402 slugging percentage this year and will be 31 next May. Brian McCann has similar numbers and is two years older but won’t require the same commitment. They’d provide a minimal upgrade, which is likely all you’re going to get this offseason.

Prado and Ramos would’ve represented a greater potential payoff. Acquiring the likes of Ivan Nova or Luis Valbuena won’t be enough to vault the Braves into contention next year.



One comment

  1. Avoiding 100 losses seemed impossible earlier this year, but they’ve done that and played halfway decent ball in the second half. I would hope next year sees improvement in the young pitching staff to a degree that contention in 2018 would be certain. Dansby’s been solid since coming up, and hopefully Mallex stays healthy and they continue to improve next year as well. I say we just hope for a .500 record next year?

    I think a big part of that though will be determined by who our managers are. If they keep Snitker, I’d be okay with that but might like to see a change from Roger McDowell.

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