Open thread, 9/23-25, #Braves vs. Reds, D’backs, Padres & Rays

The Twins have all but clinched the #1 overall draft pick. The Braves still have the second pick but are in danger of losing it. The Reds “trail” by one game, the Pads and D’backs by two, the Rays by three. If this was 2013, they’d be losing their chance to draft Kris Bryant. But there’s no exact science The Marlins drafted Tyler Kolek second. Two picks later the Cubs landed Kyle Schwarber. In 2011, Danny Hultzen was the second pick; Anthony Rendon was drafted sixth. So fretting over the Braves’ winning ways is futile. Let’s just hope they don’t miss out on the next Kris Bryant.

Unfortunately, it appears bad Matt Wisler is toeing the slab tonight. 2-0 Marlins in the first.




3 thoughts on “Open thread, 9/23-25, #Braves vs. Reds, D’backs, Padres & Rays

  1. As long as they do not draft anyone represented by Scott Boras!! I do not follow baseball as closely as I did in my youth (that’s why I enjoy reading Rowland), but I think we can all agree that Major League Baseball would be a better place without Boras and his ilk. Anytime the contract is more spectacular than the on-field action, I feel really annoyed as a fan. Many of you might remember the signing of Luke Hocheavar out of the University of Tennessee in the previous decade. For two years, the Royals were assured by Boras that Luke was ready to sign any day. Despite assurances from Boras that Luke was the second coming (of Tom Seaver? Bob Gibson?), that he would pitch well in rainy weather since he could walk on water, and that he was absolutely healthy and ready to dominate (many believed that Luke was probably recovering from injury for a portion of the two years), poor Luke has never lived up to the hype.

  2. Boras is a very good agent who does well for his clients. Would you rather the players get paid or the owners just keep it all?

  3. Alas, your point is quite correct, Jon. (Although the Hocheavar [I hope I spelled that right] saga was still annoying as could be.) Some years ago, there was a made for TV movie about how the NHL owners were the biggest crooks in history, and ran Hall of Fame defenseman Ted Lindsay out of the league when he started asking questions. Eventually, Gordie Howe and some others got a lawsuit together that restored over $30 million to the NHL pension fund. A lot of that $30 million was in 1950’s money.

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