Open thread, 9/19, Aaron Blair vs #Braves pitching infamy

Blair, who coasted through the minors, has put together the worst season by a Braves starting pitcher since Kyle Davies . Davies, who looked like a budding star the year earlier, resembled Frank LaCorte in 2006, posting an unsightly 8.38 ERA in 14 games, all starts.

Blair has an 8.23 ERA in 11 starts for the Braves. He’s been consistent, if nothing else. His home ERA is 8.18, 8.31 on the road. Lefties are hitting .333; right-handers, 2.96. With the bases empty opposing hitters have a .875 OPS. With RISP it’s .895.

The line-up:

Inciarte CF, Garcia 3B, Freeman 1B, Kemp LF, Markakis RF, Flowers C, Peterson 2B, Swanson SS, Blair P






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