Open Thread, Sept. 9-11, #Braves vs. Mets Second String Rotation

The Mets are battling for a wild card spot. So who would’ve figured the Braves would play them in September and not face any of the New Yorkers’ feared young hurlers? Probably nobody would’ve figured it, but damned if it’s not happening this weekend.

Because of injuries, and because Sunday is the regular turn for porky but entertaining Bartolo Colon, the home nine will face not Syndegaard, nor Harvey, nor deGrom, nor Matz. Instead, we’ll get Robert Gsellman, Seth Lugo, and the aforementioned Latin Rick Reuschel (pictured with brother Paul). The downside is Gsellman — I’ve no idea how that’s pronounced — and Lugo have been good, albeit in limited action.

For the Bravos, Julio goes this evening, followed by Gant and Williams Perez. I’m guessing we could see a high-scoring weekend from both sides.

In other news, most of you have probably heard Albies hurt his elbow swinging last night. He’s supposed to be back for spring training. I think he’s still the favorite to be the second sacker in the first big league game ever played between the Lester Maddox Bridge and Kennesaw Mountain.

As a final note, it’s good to see Dansby hitting with some authority.

Tonight’s lineup: Inciarte, Garcia, Freddie, Kemp, Markakis, Flowers, Peterson, Swanson, Julio.


One thought on “Open Thread, Sept. 9-11, #Braves vs. Mets Second String Rotation

  1. “Big League Brothers” from the ’77 Topps set. The Brett, Forsch and May Bros all looked rather cooler.

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