Open thread, 9/6, #Braves and boycotts

Gifted comedian and Atlanta native David Cross spoke for many this weekend when he told the AJC’s Rodney Ho he won’t be following the Braves to Cobb County.

“I was a Braves fan. Die hard,” Cross said. “With my family and friends, I’ve probably spent $40,000 over the years on the team. I’ve been to NLCS, the World Series. I was at Fulton County Stadium when they won the World Series in 1995 and David Justice hit that home run. I’ve been to numerous games. No more. I just can’t. It’s so blatantly wrong.”

I’m too much of an addict to avoid the Braves altogether but won’t be attending near as many games, mostly because it’ll be inconvenient. But I hate the whole idea of moving out of Atlanta. My love for the Braves these days is based more on the past than the present.

I hate what the organization has become under Liberty. I’ll always been a fan, but never as enthusiastically as I once was. Anecdotally I can vouch that many Atlantans have no intention of attending games at The Mallpark.

We’ll see what happens when the team starts performing better on the field, but there’s no doubt ownership has alienated a significant portion of the fan base. Winning them back won’t be easy.

The line-up:

Inciarte, Garcia, Freeman, Kemp, Markakis, Flowers, Beckham, Swanson, Perez



4 thoughts on “Open thread, 9/6, #Braves and boycotts

  1. A trip back to the 70’s: The acquisition of Tim Tebow could not be any worse than the acquisition of the late Barry Lersch. A junior college stand out, Barry had one decent season for a very poor Phillies team. The Braves made a mistake (no internet back then!), acquiring “Barry Lersch” when they meant to acquire “Randy Lerch”. Barry had undergone knee surgery and never made it into a game with the Braves. I believe I saw him warm up in the bullpen one time. The Cardinals took a look at Barry, and that was the end. Randy Lerch, on the other hand, went on pitching, but not for the Braves. Who knows? Dan Marino had a 92 mph fastball as a college pitcher.

  2. I expect to never see another Braves home game after they leave old Summerhill. Moving to Cobb Corners and making a money-pit “Mallpark” that’ll be the haunt of the types that couldn’t care less about baseball or the game in progress, because they’re busy on their phones and devices with their stockbroker or mistress, is a no-go for a regular Joe Shmoe like me. For 50 years, the first choice for an impromptu road trip was AFCS or The Ted. I’ll miss that entire neighborhood, the great local folks who were a huge part of many a gameday enjoyment for me and four generations of my family. I’ll still be a Braves fan, but the move to $*%#$&! Cobb is as much of a betrayal as Turner-to-Time-Warner-to-Liberty. Something dark inside of me wants to see the whole thing fall flat on its face.

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