Open thread, 9/5, #Braves and the left side of the infield

Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy are taking the day off. So is Dansby Swanson, the second time he’s sat against Max Scherzer. He was “rested” against Zack Greinke and Madison Bumgarner. Clearly, Dansby is too big to fail.

It’s probably not a bad idea. Through 15 games, Swanson has looked a bit overmatched, committing four errors and banging just two extra-base hits, good for a.283 OBP, 10 points better than his slugging percentage. It’s clear he needs to add some muscle and I still think he needs more seasoning in the minors. Regardless, he’ll be your Opening Day shortstop.

Coppy is no longer citing third base as a need this offseason, which, if said a month ago, would’ve upset me greatly. I’m still not an Adonis convert but it appears he’s become a competent major league third baseman. Free agent Martin Prado is more than that — better defensively, with a career-best .370 OBP this year, 55 points better than Adonis. The smarter move would be trading Garcia while his value is at his highest. Paired with a prospect or, say, Nick Markakis, he might bring back a decent pitcher.

The line-up:

Inciarte, Garcia, Freddie, Kemp, Markakis, Recker, Peterson, Beckham, Weber



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