Open Thread, 9/1, #Braves’ September Story Line

If Folty pitches well today, there could be hope. Maybe even hope for a decent 2017.

For the rest of the season, the most interesting plot line for Los Bravos, I think, is not Dansby, though he’ll be fun to watch. To me, the key to creating a little optimism is the performance of Folty and Wisler. If both continue their recent good work, perhaps we have something to look forward to as the team heads to Cobb County.

We could, could, have a nice young three-man core of a rotation. Of course, that would still leave two spots. It would make sense to sign a Charlie Leibrandt-type and hope that Newcomb, Blair or someone else shows enough to make the big club.

Today’s lineup: Inciarte (really digging this guy), Garcia, Freddie, Kemp, Markakis, Recker, Peterson, Dansby, Folty.


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