Open thread, 8/24, #Braves vs. OF glut

Check out The Office’s comprehensive rundown of the Braves’ top prospects.

Nick Markakis or Ender Inciarte? You figure one will be traded this offseason, as Mallex Smith’s return in 2017 gives the Braves one outfielder too many, thanks to the ill-considered trade for Matt Kemp.

Inciarte is more productive (2.0 WAR to Markakis’ 0.8) and cheaper, making him much easier to trade. He’s more likely than Markakis to fetch the starting pitching the Braves desperately need, especially if paired with someone like Aaron Blair. I’d prefer to keep Inciarte, but, considering the team’s needs, he’s more likely to be dealt.

The Braves have just 36 games left. They need to win 17 to avoid their first 100-loss season since 1988.

The line-up, minus Dansby, getting his second day off in five games. He sat vs. Max Scherzer on Saturday; tonight he misses Zack Greinke.

Inciarte 8, Garcia 5, Freeman 3, Kemp 7, Markakis 9, Flowers 2, Peterson 4, d’Arnaud 6, Teheran 1.




One thought on “Open thread, 8/24, #Braves vs. OF glut

  1. At this point I’d rather see David Beckham at bat w/men on base than Gordon.

    Re: McCann, what’s the point?
    Right now, Tyler Flowers is a better option than him.

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