Open thread, 8/23, #Braves vs. trading for Brian McCann

The emergence of Gary Sanchez, who’s either the next Johnny Bench or Kevin Maas, has made Brian McCann expendable. Reportedly the Braves and Yankees have already talked trade, with the Yanks asking for Folty and Inciarte in exchange. I wouldn’t trade either one for McCann. Hell, I wouldn’t trade Tyrell Jenkins for the former Braves catcher.

Here’s why:

  • McCann will be 33 on Opening Day.
  • His OPS with the Yankees (.727) is nearly 100 points lower than it was while a Brave.
  • He’s due $34 million over the next two years and could reach $49 million through three. A $15 mil team option vests in 2019 if he totals 1,000 plate appearances from 2017-18 and catches at least 90 games and avoids the DL in ’18.
  • A rebuilding team shouldn’t have, as it’s two highest-paid players, guys in their 30s with declining production.

Tonight’s line-up:

Inciarte CF, Garcia 3B, Freeman 1B, Kemp LF, Markakis RF, Flowers C, Peterson 2B, Swanson SS, Whalen P



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