#Braves Association: Fat Tub of Goo edition

Got my first look at Matt Kemp in a Braves uniform tonight. Good thing Letterman’s retired.


3 thoughts on “#Braves Association: Fat Tub of Goo edition

  1. Kemp just cleared waivers. Guess Hart is having second thoughts about his “first piece in 2017 roster build” after only 3 weeks. One wonders why it took him so long….

  2. How about a prospects update? I always look forward to those. Seems appropriate with Jenkins being sent back down.

  3. In 1974, Terry Forster and Goose Gossage both had great seasons for the White Sox, with Forster actually being ranked a little bit ahead of Gossage at the time. Imagine trying to hit the Wilbur Wood knuckleball then facing these two. During his time in the National League, Terry was a great hitter for a pitcher. Terry went for medical treatment for his weight and lost a great deal of poundage. His anecdotes about the experience were very entertaining. My favorite was his tale of a recurring nightmare about being chased by an angry bear wearing tennis shoes that was also carrying a platter of nachos and cheese. Arm injuries kept him from the success of Goose Gossage, but when Terry played, he played with passion.

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