Why are #Braves rushing Dansby?

The rest of the season just got a lot more interesting with the news that Dansby Swanson will be making his Braves debut Wednesday night. But it’s a move fraught with risk.

Just ask the Twins.

Byron Buxton had 72 games above Class-A (12 less than Dansby) when he was called up to Minnesota last year. At the time Buxton, 21, was batting above .300 with a better OPS and was rated by just about everyone as the best prospect in baseball.

Last week, Buxton was demoted by the Twins for the second time this year. He’s been an absolute disaster, hitting .199 with a .567 OPS. He’s struck out 124 times in 109 games. You gotta worry about his confidence at this point.

Dansby has been struggling of late, batting .229 with a .629 OPS over his last 21 games. And he’s never put together numbers as good as Buxton’s, for example. It seems like an odd time for a promotion.


6 thoughts on “Why are #Braves rushing Dansby?

  1. Plus Swanson went to Vanderbilt and won.a national titlef . Think confidence is a non issue for him in life. Might struggle of course, but won’t be denied

  2. Yes but Buxton has 200 more games of minor league experience. Even the lowest minor league level has more talent than the highest level of college baseball.

  3. The hype train has been full steam ahead since Swanson has arrived. I hope it works out for him, though I think he’ll end up a decent starter at best

  4. I guess this gets him some major league experience in games that don’t really mean much, at least not to the Braves, so hopefully he won’t be under too much pressure to perform. If he finishes the season with the Braves and then has a good spring training next year that would be very promising.

  5. Nice easy swing on his first big league hit, taking a pitch to the opposite field.

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