Aug. 12 a day rich in #Braves history

Today marks a sad anniversary, as well as a franchise-altering one. And Aug. 12 also marks one of the most bizarre games in Braves history:

Five years ago tonight, we learned that Ernie Johnson Sr. died. Check the link for a tribute to the old righthander.

On Aug. 12, 1987, John Smoltz joined the franchise after Bobby Cox consummated the best trade in franchise history.

Three years earlier,  all hell broke loose at Fulco between the Braves and Padres.

Also on this date, in 2011, the best Braves pitcher off all time walked Steve Finley, the first free pass allowed by Greg Maddux in 72-1/3 IP.



2 thoughts on “Aug. 12 a day rich in #Braves history

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  1. I follow, read and comment your blog for three reasons

    1) your Braves knowledge/fandom
    2) the recognition of my favorite Braves before Dale Murphy
    3) the yearly recounts of that fight with the Spanish Fathers.

  2. Every time I see Flannery’s horrific face on MLB Network, I tune out his witless jabbering and envision Gerald Perry punching him right in that same goddamned face. And I smile.

    Then I think of Horns standing up to that gutless bully Summers. And I smile again.

    Then I picture Dick Williams, naked and jerking off on a motel balcony and while I don’t exactly smile, as such, I’m filled with a warm sense of schdenfreude.

    Scummiest team, ever. Worse that even the ’93 Philadelphia Dianabols and the ’86 Mets. The beat down laid on them by the Tigers (teenaged John Smoltz was at Game 5 with his dad) was sweet, sweet retribution..

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