Open thread, 8/10, Snitker’s future as #Braves manager

Just a week ago, 100 losses seemed inevitable. But then you read the Braves are 25-24 in their last 49 and need only to win 20 of their remaining 49 to avoid the century mark.

It’s pretty remarkable, considering their pitching problems, that the Braves have remained competitive. It bodes well for Brian Snitker’s retention as manager.

What do you think? Does Snitker deserve to have the “interim” tag removed?

Tonight’s line-up:

Inciarte CF, Aybar SS, Freeman 1B, Kemp LF, Markakis RF, Garcia 3B, Beckham 2B, Pierzynski C, De La Cruz P



6 thoughts on “Open thread, 8/10, Snitker’s future as #Braves manager

  1. I’d atleast do your due diligence and interview outside candidates, but that’s not taking away from what Snit has done. The top of the order has been clicking and the pitching has kept us in ballgames. This is what we thought this team would look like in April.

  2. Yes Snit deserves the permanent job. If the Braves avoid 100 losses, he should get votes for Manager of the Yr.

  3. Twenty five wins in their last 49? From my perspective, it’s amazing. I attended my first Braves game as a three-year old in 1967. The only things I remember about the trip are my big sisters taking me on a log ride at Six Flags and that the Braves lost to the Mets, who were not amazing that year. The 1976 team, despite three quality starters, could not hit a lick and could not win. I watched Andy Messersmith gallantly labor while the Braves managed all of four hits against the Cardinals’ Eric Rasmussen. The “launch” of Pat Rockett, the implosion of ’86, and the dead on arrival years of ’88 and ’89 when I was living in Maryland were all beyond saving. Brian Snitker’s efforts, and how the staff and players have responded, should be studied and emulated.

  4. Unless they’ve got somebody spectacular lined up, he should at least get a long look.

    There is no way to prove it but I think he’s leaning a lot on TP and it shows in the results. To be clear, I’m not saying he’s a figurehead or is incapable of calling the shots. After all the time he’s put in doing this, he definitely is. I just think that he’s about 200 times smarter than Gonzalez, that he knows when to delegate and that he’s got a better guy in TP to bounce things off of than FG had with Tosca.

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